About The Owner

Being founder of Smart Space Solutions, entrusted with leading the ‘Flexi Cube’ brand into the Mumbai market. Flexi Cube is a 15 year old brand based in Pune having 30, 000 square feet facility comprising of a showroom, warehouse and manufacturing for chairs. The firm is a wholesaler of complete range of office furniture used in the corporate world. The firm has served well known brands such as Tata, Ashok Leyland and Cosmos Bank to name a few from its Pune facility. At Smart Space Solutions we follow the suggestive selling technique where we provide suggestion for products that satisfy the needs of our clients in the most economical and time bound manner and at the same time keeping a balance between cost, quality products and aesthetics of our client’s workplace.

Why Us?

Benefits we bring to you:
  • Ready stock of modular furniture in different sizes with a inventory of approximately 2500 workstations and other loose furniture such as director desk, conference table, cafeteria table, reception tables, cabinets, hence you can minimize waiting time and financial resources.
  • Ergonomic sittings for executive, managerial and staff level. Our customers can select from around 150 different model of chairs.
  • Give your visitors the comfort they deserve with our cushioned and metal tandem sittings.
  • If you would like to get more information about our products and its workings, we would be glad to send you an e-catalog in reply to your email sent to info@smart-space.co.in. At Smart Space Solutions it’s not just about closing a sale but beginning a new relation.

Product Portfolio

Modular workstations- linear and curvilinear, executive, conference, reception, discussion tables. Executive, mesh back, visitor and imported cushioned chairs. Storage cabinets, side tables, center tables and other office accessories.

Reasons for working with us:
  • Ready stock of Modular furniture: Five standard sizes of workstations and a minimum of 500 workstations of each size in stock at any given time. Reducing waiting time and money where clients can start operations in quick time
  • Experience first and then purchase. Majority of our products: workstations, executive desk, cabinets, chairs are on display.
  • We have around 150 different types of chairs for executives, workstations, visitors and tandem sittings etc.
  • Ideal for Start ups and SME’s.